MillionPing Co.

About MillionPing

MillionPing is a small, independent game development company founded in 2010 by only one game developer, DongMan Kim. It is based in Seoul, South Korea. MillionPing creates various properties of entertainment games and mobile apps.

We released our first mobile app, Lunar Ganji Calendar, in 2010. Not only mobile app, finally we also released our first game, Horsemaker : Horse racing game, as web game in May 2011. For the next step, we released Horsemaker in mobile version too, Android version. Our first offering game is a web game, Horsemaker : Horse Racing Game, in May 2011. It tooks us about 1 year of development to finish this title. Our second title game is Knight Jump that released in August 2014. It's simple, addicted, and interesting game that we've ever created with just one character and 12 levels limited. We respect our players and want to contribute enriching experiences that touch and inspire them.

Our development is 100% self­funded.

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